Bangla Keyboard

Type in Bangla required a Bangla keyboard. To type in Bangla there are many keyboards are developed using different technologies, all these keyboards have difference in key mappings, although you can type in any Bangla keyboard. Here we are showing most common three keyboards for Bangla and see key mapping of Bengali characters on English keyboard.

1. Bijoy Bangla Keyboard

Below is the keyboard layout for the popular Bijoy Bangla.

Bijoy Bangla Keyboard Layout


2. Probhat Bengali keyboard

Download the Probhat keyboard layout for Bengala Typing. 

Probhat Bangla Keyboard Layout


3. Inscript Bengali keyboard

Incscript keyboard is an Indian script keyobard. Downlaod Bengali Inscript Keybroad layout.

Bengali Inscript Keyboard Layout

1. Activate Inscript Bangla Keyboard in Windows

2. To type in Bengali/ Bangla Online click here

3. Bengali Font Free Download