Bengali Typing Test

Bengali Typing Test is a skill test that will evaluate your typing skills in terms of typing speed (Word Per Minute) and accuracy (percentage). You have to give focus on accuracy rather than speed to start practicing typing. Typing skill is the primary requirement for everyone in this digital era where all works done with computer and mobile.

Bangla Typing Test (Inscript)

How to take Bengali Typing Test

1. You should sit in a right posture on the computer before start test.

2. After select time and passage of your choice. Click on start typing button.

3. You will seen a passage appear on upper side of screen and first word is Highlighted.

4. As you press first key from keyboard your test countdown timer will start.

5. As you typed a word and press space bar, the word highlighter will moves to next word. You have to type highlighted words as much as you can type in given time period.

6. After completion of time, you will see test score in Gross WPM, Net WPM, Accuracy and errors you have made during typing.

7. Now you can analyze what are the characters and words you have typed wrong during test, you should do targeted practice of erroneous characters.

8. You should take test again and again to improve your Bengali typing skill.