Bangla Typing Test

Let's enter your name, select time duration for test, select test exercise and start. Exercise passage will appear on upper side and you have to type in bottom text box. As you start typing, stopwatch starts automatically and will submit upon time elapsed, if you have typed whole passage before time completion than you can submit yourself too.

Here you have option to use backspace or you can disable it. After completing Inscript Bangla Typing Test. It will show you detailed analysis of your typing skill along with typing speed in Word Per Minute (WPM) and accuracy in percentage. 

For use this Inscript Bangla Typing Test first you have to select Bangla language option in your system, After selecting Bangla language from language bar select Bengali - INSCRIPT option. You can check procedure for Enable Bengali inscript Keyboard in your Windows OS here.

Bengali Typing Test

Bangla Typing Test Tips

1. You should sit in the right posture on the computer before start test.

2. After selecting time and passage of your choice. Click on start test button.

3. You will see a passage appear on upper side of screen and first word is Highlighted.

4. Make sure you have enabled Bengali Inscript keyboard in your system.

5. As you press first key from keyboard your test countdown timer will start automatically.

6. As you typed a word and press space bar, the word highlighter will moves to next word. You have to type highlighted words as much as you can type in given time period.

7. After completion of time, you will see test score in Net WPM, Accuracy and errors you have made during typing.

8. Now you can analyze what are the characters and words you have typed wrong during test, you should do targeted practice of erroneous characters to mitigate them in next attempt.

9. You should take test again and again to improve your typing skill.

Keyboard layout of Bangla Inscript Keyboard

The key mappings of Bengali inscript keyboard is given in below image. In first appearance it looks complicated, but the realty is not same. If you practice you can learn this keyboard in just 7 days only.

Bengali Inscript Keyboard Layout