Setup Bengali Indic Input Software in Windows 11

After download and installation of Bengali Indic Input software, we need to setup Bengali Indic Input 3 in Windows 11, to be able to use various keyboard for Bangla typing. Typically it's takes 1-2 minutes in complete process and your system will become able to type with various type of Bangla Keyboard. Here are we given step by step process of setting up Bengali Indic Input 3 for Windows 11 with screenshots.

Configure Bengali Indic Software and Keyboards in Windows 11

Step 1: After download and successful installation of Bengali Indic Input 3 you will see the software appear in language bar, Click on "More Keyboard Settings" option as shown in below image:


activate Bengali Indic input windows 11

Step 2: Click on "Typing" as shown in image given below:

Setup Indic Bangla keyboard in windows 11

Step 3: Now Click on "Advanced Keyboard Settings" as shown in below image:

Bangla keyboard windows 11

Step 4: Now you will see two check box, under the title "Switching input methods" check them as shown in image below:

Activate Bangla language bar in windows 11

Step 5: Now you will see a new window titled as "Text Services and Input Languages" will open, check all three check boxs and select "Floting on Desktop" option and click on "Apply" and "Ok" button respectvely as shown in below image:

Activate Bangla Indic keyboard windows 11

Step 6: Now you will see a languae bar is appear in top right corner of your computer screen. Click on that and change the language to Bengali Indic Input 3 -> Click on "Down arrow button" -> "Keyboard" -> select Keyboard. You can click on "Show Keyboard" button to see key mapping:

Enable Bengali typewriter keyboard windows 11

Step 7: Congratulations !!! You have done. Now Open MS Word and you can type in Bangla Keyboard. There may be possiblity it will not work in Notepad.

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