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Note : To Change Language Press "Ctrl G". It will stop Bangla transliteration and whatever you type will be come in English. If you want to Type in Bangla again, press "Ctrl G" again.

Simple Bangla Typing

The easiest method for Bangla Typing is transliteration method. In which you can type with your English keyboard and software will automatically convert it into Bangla script. It's simplest method for Type in Bangla without practicing Bangla Keyboard layout. This English typed words get converted in Bengali using transliteration technique. For example:

If you want to type - 'বাংলা বর্ণমালা' Just type - 'bangla bornomala' and press spacebar.

Bangla typing featured with suggestion word appear on top bar of typing box, by clicking on desired word you will get it on typing screen. You can type as long as you want it's free and fastest method for Bangla typing. Here you can copy and use the typed text anywhere you like to use. You can type articles in Bangla, Poems, Blogs, Facebook Post, Tweet etc. using this tool.

Just type, copy, paste and It's done!! No need to mess up with Bangla Keyboard layout, font and licensee software. It's Simple, Free, Fast and Accurate  Bengali typing software.

Bangla typing is important because Bangla is the native language of 400 Million (40 crore) peoples in World, ranked 5th most popular language in the world. Bengali is official language of West Bengal and Tripura states in India and Bangladesh. 

Writing system of Bangla is Left to Right and it's write using Bangla script which one has it's root in Brahmi script. The standard Bangla Alphabet consist 12 vowels, 35 consonants and 10 numerals. Bengali alphabet consists total 47 letters.  

Power of Bangla Bhasha

01. Bengali had its origin in the 10th century CE, deriving from Magahi Prakrit.

02. A simple Bengali sentence usually follows subject–object–verb word order.

03. The Bengali script is derived from Brahmi script.

04. Bengali has as many as 100,000 separate words.

05. The first written Bengali dictionary/grammar, was written by the Portuguese missionary Manoel da Assumpcam between 1734 and 1742.

06. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, also wrote a "Grammar of the Bengali Language." (1832)

07. Now Bangla can be type with speech to text software.