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Roman Bangla (Banglish) to Bangla

The simplest method for type in Bangla is transliteration, in which you can type with your English (QWERTY) keyboard in English (Bangla in Roman letters) and the converter will convert your Roman Bangla text into Bangla text. It's fastest method for Type in Bangla without learning complex Bangla Keyboard layout. This Banglish typed words get converted in Bangla script using transliteration process.

With this tool you can convert pre-typed Roman Bangla passage into Bangla, you don't have to type them again. Bangla typing featured with suggestion word appear on top bar of typing box, by clicking on desired word you will get it on typing box. You can convert your all Roman Bangla text in Bangla. Here you can download and copy the converted Bangla text.

You can transliterate your pre-typed articles, Poem, Blog, Essay, Stories, Tweet etc. No need to mess up with Bangla Keyboard layout, font and licensee software. It's Free, Fast and Accurate Roman Bangla to Bangla typing software.

Bangla Transliteration

Bangla transliteration refers to representing the Bangla (Bengali) script using Latin characters. It is a method of writing or typing Bangla words using the English alphabet. Transliteration helps in phonetically representing the sounds of Bangla words for those who are familiar with the English alphabet but may not be proficient in reading or writing the Bangla script.

There are several transliteration systems used for Bangla, but one commonly used system is the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST) or its derivative, the National Library at Kolkata Romanization. These systems aim to represent Bangla sounds accurately using Latin characters.

For example, the Bangla word "বাংলা" (meaning "Bangla") can be transliterated as "Bangla" using IAST or "Banga" using the National Library at Kolkata Romanization system.

Convert English typed passage in Bangla

Here with this tool you can convert your pre-typed Roman Bangla (English) content into Bangla script. Just paste your Roman Bangla text here on box and press spacebar to get in Bangla. You can converter whole passage with one keypress. It's the free and fastest Bangla typing and Bangla transliteration software. If you are looking for English to Bangla translation visit here.